Company Profile

Founded in 2009, GetD affiliates to the Future 3D Group, the headquarter and factory is located in Shenzhen, China; sales office and warehouse in USA, Germany, and Joint-venture factory in India. It has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of 3D cinema and smart glasses. It has grown to become one of the world's leading suppliers of 3D cinema market.

GetD has obtained more than 30 authorized patents, adheres to independent innovation of core technologies, and has high-tech talents in optics, acoustics, MD, algorithms, and intelligent hardware. The main products are: 3D glasses & systems, Micro Crystal Screen, Smart Glasses (with Audio, Electrochromic, Translation, Video function), AR/VR Glasses and accessories. The products were sold very well globally.

GetD has been providing ODM/OEM for LG, Hisense, and Toshiba, as well as 3D solutions for global cinemas exhibitors. In 2022, it becomes the designated core supplier of smart glasses for China Mobile.

Smart glasses products seize new opportunities in the metaverse blue ocean market and help global users to open the metaverse.

  • 2009
    Foundation of"Getteks"and entered 3D industry; Produced the first cinema active 3d glasses
  • 2010-2014
    Launched the world's first 3D system for cinema & TV; Successfully developed single beam system for cinema; Obtained Disney certification;Cooperated with LG, Toshiba, Philips, VESTEL and Haier
  • 2015-2016
    Core supplier of Xiaomi, XGIMI and JMGO; Launched light tripler 3d system;No.1 of India 3D cinema market
  • 2017-2018
    Foundation of India factory; Core supplier of Formovie & Dangbei
  • 2019
    Debut micro crystal screen
  • 2021
    Debut world's first smart audio glasses with the longest battery life; Core supplier of Wanda
  • 2022
    Successfully lauched QUEST 2 accessories overseas
10000 ㎡
Advanced production line
Sales revenue